Heavy tonnage of high quality forage is the primary use of Platinum. Its outstanding set of agronomics build a very persistent alfalfa with a long life expectancy. Platinum is bred for adversity, but of course it performs best in well-drained soils that are highly productive. This is due in-part to its rapid re-growth after cutting. It is an excellent choice for baling or grazing.

Key Strengths

  • Top tonnage
  • Extended stand life
  • Versatility across soil types
  • Quality forage

Management Tips

  • A great choice for high quality dairy production or hay sales
  • Keep fertility up to benefit from long stand life & production
  • No need for cover crop due to strong winter hardiness
  • Comprehensive pest resistance
Tonnage Capability 90
Quality 80
Disease Tolerance 90
Winterhardiness 80
Insect Tolerance 70
Life Expectancy 90
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Category General Characteristics
Maturity & Herbicide Tolerance Fall Dormancy 4
Herbicide Tolerance None
Plant Description Forage Quality 8
Early Spring Growth 8
Re-growth After Cutting 9
Compaction/Traffic Rating 7
Life Expectancy 6 Years
Disease Ratings Bacterial Wilt HR
Verticillium Wilt HR
Fusarium Wilt HR
Anthracnose HR
Phytophthora Root Rot HR
Race 1 Aphanomyces HR
Race 2 Aphanomyces R
Stem Nematode R
Northern Root Nematode R
Insect Ratings Pea Aphids R
Blue Aphids MR
Rating Scale: 1-2 / Poor | 3-4 / Fair | 5-6 / Good | 7-8 / Very Good |9 / Excellent
Rating Scale: HR / High Resistance | T / Tolerant | R / Resistant | S / Susceptible | MR / Moderate Resistance