Ultimate Alfalfa is designed to give high productivity over many years. Its initial spring growth followed by rapid re-
growth of highly digestible forage has propelled it to the top of the trials. The agronomic package of very strong disease and insect resistance has protected the consistency of that high yield. Its impressive winter hardiness adds to the persistence of this line.

Key Strengths

  • Very high forage yields
  • Improved insect resistance
  • Complete disease package for consistency
  • Quality forage

Management Tips

Great selection for high tonnage of dairy-quality production or hay sales. It responds well to fertility in yield and extended stand life. It works well as cut hay, haylage or grazed pasture.

Tonnage Capability 90
Quality 80
Disease Tolerance 90
Winterhardiness 80
Insect Tolerance 80
Life Expectancy 90
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Category General Characteristics
Maturity & Herbicide Tolerance Fall Dormancy 4
  Herbicide Tolerance None
Plant Description Forage Quality 8
  Early Spring Growth 8
  Re-growth After Cutting 9
  Compaction/Traffic Rating 7
  Life Expectancy 6 Years
Disease Ratings Bacterial Wilt HR
  Verticillium Wilt HR
  Fusarium Wilt HR
  Anthracnose HR
  Phytophthora Root Rot HR
  Race 1 Aphanomyces HR
  Race 2 Aphanomyces R
  Stem Nematode R
  Northern & Southern Root Knot Nematode HR
Insect Ratings Pea Aphids R
  Blue Aphids R
Rating Scale: 1-2 / Poor | 3-4 / Fair | 5-6 / Good | 7-8 / Very Good |9 / Excellent
Rating Scale: HR / High Resistance | T / Tolerant | R / Resistant | S / Susceptible | MR / Moderate Resistance