Who is Great Heart Seed?

An organization is made up of its members. Those members have different roles and responsibilities within the institution. All are important to the success of the group as a whole, as well as each individual. So who makes up Great Heart Seed, and why is it important?

Often we think of the salespeople who represent the products. Whether it’s the district sales managers, the dealer or the distributors, these people learn the seed well and how to place it on your farm for best results. Perhaps those involved in the genetics and selection of new products come to mind–the breeders and test plot cooperating farmers. Trait providers belong in our membership, as that fuels a lot of the seed we sell.

The importance of those who produce the seed in the bag cannot be overlooked. This encompasses many people, from the farmers who grow the parent seed, to the scouts, to the ones running the cleaners and baggers. It includes those who make certain that the quality we need is achieved. And what of those who get the seed where it’s needed on time? The drivers, warehouse workers and those who orchestrate countless loads of multiple varieties and container types are certainly members of this group.

You also need those who keep track of the accounts, payments, financing and costs. People who plan for the future and are willing to adopt better ways to succeed. Those who understand that we must all profit for the group to be sustainable.

Let us remember that our farmers–our customers–are a huge part of who Great Heart is. These members are the people who ultimately steer where we are going. They work in partnership, helping the rest of us be better for them, so they may succeed.

Every part of what we do is for their success; that is the only way our group succeeds.

Great Heart is each of us, and when it is at its best, it is all of us working together.

Greater Yields

Great Heart Seed, Inc.

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