Growing Together across the States

Thirty years ago Great Heart Seed began providing farmers with the most profitable seed lines. The business has grown considerably since those early days. The geography we cover has expanded to include 22 states. We have further developed our equipment and facilities. The products we offer have increased from three conventional soybeans in 1991 to the 31 corn hybrids, 38 soybean numbers, four wheat varieties and the Ultimate alfalfa shown in this brochure. More important is the tremendous growth from a few customers and employees in the beginning to the large group of people associated with Great Heart today.

The beginning was good, and I still look back fondly on the early times. Some of those times were challenging, some of the lessons were difficult to learn, and the victories were hardearned… but they were victories. Each step was necessary for what Great Heart would become and for the positive effect it would have on so many. We learned early that we always wanted to treat people right, the best performing products were all we would offer, and we would do all we could to make doing business with Great Heart the preference for the farmer.

Today those core values give us the foundation for continued growth. Great Heart has become a brand farmers trust for top performance wherever it is sold. They count on Great Heart for a square deal and the support to back up the products planted on their farms. All this is made possible because everyone involved throughout the process wants our farmers to succeed with our products. It requires the right kind of people to ensure top quality throughout the many levels of a seed business.

All this creates a bright future for Great Heart Seed and those who plant it. The top performers of today have set the bar for the full pipeline of outstanding products we are excited for you to plant in the future. We are improving on today’s superior products with a larger pool of genetics that have more added benefits. This is also happening at a faster pace, which gives us better products for you more quickly than ever before. Our processes for creating top quality seed are always being examined and improved upon. We continue to work on each aspect of doing business to make sure that Great Heart is who you want to work with. After 30 years of dedication, top performance and partnering with you, it is all still done to ensure that Great Heart Seed provides the most profitable seed lines to the American farmer.

Greater Yields

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