Most people today understand that farming is a complex business. Decisions must be made, from cropping plans to equipment upgrades to marketing, and so much more in between. For some farms, the final decisions are ultimately made by just one person, while other operations can divide the load among several people. However your farm works, everyone needs help gathering information and determining what is critical to make the choices that are correct for their situation.

There is also a lot of work that needs done on any farm, and it’s important to have the knowledge to do it right. Farmers can handle much of this on their own, but sometimes challenges get more specialized or unique. Having someone to bring in who has more training or experience is essential to moving forward. American farmers deliver high quality products to consumers. These products go on to feed and fuel the world. Farmers count on high quality inputs to make this happen. They require products that have a high level of purity and consistency, both in the inputs themselves and the commodities they produce. Furthermore, the performance of the inputs must be at the top of the industry. Lower performing components impair the farmer’s profitability and hurt their competitive ability among other producers.

At Great Heart Seed, we are honored to partner with our growers. We must bring value to your farm to be a good partner. So, we provide you with the latest cutting-edge genetics, traits and technologies that are second to none in the market. We ensure that our sales people provide a prescription combination matching our products to your unique field situations. We do everything in our power to be sure your experience with Great Heart is a great one, helping to maximize your profitability. These are things you count on from Great Heart Seed, so we will continue to deliver.

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you.