Hello to all our Great Heart customers and Team members from South Eastern IL. I have been asked to share a few comments on what is happening in the field.

Corn and Beans as well as wheat are under plenty of moisture so far. Corn has been limited on nitrogen up take. There has been some differences between some preplant applications compared to sidedress. Also the stabilizers have looked to be very helpful in a lot of saturated soils. Drainage differences can be seen in areas as well. Some farmers have had a little replant in certain areas depending on planting time and how much rain along with cool temperatures. Overall after some rise in degree days with warmer days and nights, corn looks promising. It’s amazing with the new genetics and treatments just how far we have come. Ten to twenty years ago we would not have handled this weather like corn and beans did this spring under all the pressure they endured. On the bean front we have had comparable conditions. Beans that were planted early had some stress from rain and cold, but also I was seeing some chemical damage as the beans were showing symptoms of chemical burn at the surface level as they emerged. So be watchful and cautious, when and what we spray on some of these products. There seems to be no perfect solution sometimes. Beans also have been slow growing but with more heat are looking much better.

In summary continue to look at your fields and make notes. Ask yourself what can I do to improve on my management to have greater results? Could it be your planter adjustments, chemical, fertility, or even seed selection based off ratings for your field conditions? We can only control so much, the GOOD LORD does the rest. Remember it is seed time and harvest.

Until next time be BLESSED!

Marty Moran
Southeastern Illinois